Birdman WIP 2

Been working on this guy for the past couple of weeks and here’s the progress so far. Tweaked anatomy a bit, added the cape, redid the kilt, added accessories…Pretty much done with the high poly at the moment, should tweak some stuff here and there, maybe add a thing or two, but then it’s retopology time.

Birdman WIP

Started modeling this character based on awesome concept art by Eduardo Tanka (@bonzogalactico). I plan on finishing the high poly sculpture soon so I can retopologize, get some textures and animations and get this dude into Unity. Don’t know how I’ll handle the cape though. Thought about using Unity’s Interactive Cloth since I wouldn’t have to animate it by hand and would get a nice dynamic movement.

Low Poly Cartoon Punk WIP 2

Almost done with the texture on this guy, it needs some work on the hands, a final design on the shirt as this one’s just an attempt at a symmetrical design (oh boy do I regret unwrapping half the shirt). I might redo the shoes unwrapping and texture it again, it’s got some ugly ass distortions in some places and I think I can make it a lot better overall. Eyes and eyebrows are on floating planes so I can easily manipulate some simple facial expressions.