Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 3

New updated on this guy’s texture. Worked on the face, hands, belts, hat, boots and made some changes on the pants. Not much to finish the diffuse now, and I’m eager to finish it so I can dedicate some time to the specular map, I really hope it’ll help things pop out a bit more. I was stupid and did lots of things wrong with this model, it’s one of those cases I wish I could just go back in time and do some things differently. I’d have taken better care of the UV unwrap, for one. Most islands could use some straightening and stretching to use more space and not distort straight lines. Still I’m pretty happy with the results. As usual, comments and crits are welcome, as harsh as they may be.


One thought on “Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 3

  1. Cara, muito bom mesmo. Gostei bastante do rosto, das mãos e das botas, só me incomoda um pouco esse visual meio ” burnt ” do casaco, parece muito alaranjado em algumas partes, acho que eu desaturaria um pouco em algumas partes, só para quebrar, mas em geral ta muito bom cara, parabéns.

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