Birdman WIP

Started modeling this character based on awesome concept art by Eduardo Tanka (@bonzogalactico). I plan on finishing the high poly sculpture soon so I can retopologize, get some textures and animations and get this dude into Unity. Don’t know how I’ll handle the cape though. Thought about using Unity’s Interactive Cloth since I wouldn’t have to animate it by hand and would get a nice dynamic movement.


Tank Sculpture Preview 2

Another update for this pice. I’m not really happy about it, I made some big mistakes early on that I didn’t fix, now proportions are fucked up and there’s no turning back. I might scrape it altogether or take it into another direction, maybe take what’s already there and exagerate some features even further and make it look somewhat cartoony instead of trying to match it 1:1 with the game model.

Tank Sculpture Preview

I had started this months ago but then put it away cause I didn’t feel confident enough. Plus this clay is hard as fuck, so there wasn’t much I could do at the time. Today I picked it from the shelf and worked on it for a while, it was a little easier to handle the clay now that I’m a bit more used to it. And yes, it’s pretty much headless.