Fedora sketch



Old muscular dude

Another quick study, trying to get a little more detail with wrinkles and stuff. Somewhat inspired (not to mention intimidated) by Tom Parker’s speed sculpt videos. It started really cartoony as it was based on a doodle I did at work but I couldn’t get the proportions right, the style didn’t translate from 2D to 3D as well as I thought it would. I made it a bit more realistic and it was stuck halfway through.

Old Bearded Fella

I used some idle time at work to start this and finished at home. It was basically a test to see what I could come up with a basemesh that’s basic enough that I can still practice the main proportions but wouldn’t stretch out on key areas like a sphere does. I started this with what was basically a cube with a few subdivisions and some extrusions for the nose and ears, and an inside extrusion for the mouth. Obviously it worked MUCH better than a sphere. Next time I’ll extrude a neck as well, I’m tired of these floating heads. I should also try something other than old grumpy cartoony males for a change…


Cartoon Gunslinger

I’ve been working on this character for quite a while now but havent posted anything here until now. It got stuck at a stage I absolutely hate – retopology, UVing and baking – but that it’s necessary so fuck it, finally got it done. Tri count is a tad high but I wanted to give enough geometry to folds so they’d deform nicely when animating. I considered lowering the poly count a bit but it sounded like too much work for nothing at this point, and it’s not even terribly high considering games nowadays. Below are some value studies so I can decide on the contrast before thinking about color.