Birdman WIP

Started modeling this character based on awesome concept art by Eduardo Tanka (@bonzogalactico). I plan on finishing the high poly sculpture soon so I can retopologize, get some textures and animations and get this dude into Unity. Don’t know how I’ll handle the cape though. Thought about using Unity’s Interactive Cloth since I wouldn’t have to animate it by hand and would get a nice dynamic movement.


Old muscular dude

Another quick study, trying to get a little more detail with wrinkles and stuff. Somewhat inspired (not to mention intimidated) by Tom Parker’s speed sculpt videos. It started really cartoony as it was based on a doodle I did at work but I couldn’t get the proportions right, the style didn’t translate from 2D to 3D as well as I thought it would. I made it a bit more realistic and it was stuck halfway through.

Old Bearded Fella

I used some idle time at work to start this and finished at home. It was basically a test to see what I could come up with a basemesh that’s basic enough that I can still practice the main proportions but wouldn’t stretch out on key areas like a sphere does. I started this with what was basically a cube with a few subdivisions and some extrusions for the nose and ears, and an inside extrusion for the mouth. Obviously it worked MUCH better than a sphere. Next time I’ll extrude a neck as well, I’m tired of these floating heads. I should also try something other than old grumpy cartoony males for a change…


Cartoon head speed sculpt

Not much going on, just a speed sculpt of a head I did while idle at work. Started from a sphere and took a couple of hours to make which is definitely an improvement from the previous heads I did.

Edit: Fixed the eyelids a little, I think it looks much better. Still keeping the previous pictures for future comparison.

Fisherman – Composition Test

Finally got to work on this again after many months of it catching dust in the dark corners of my hard drive. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, I thought maybe it’d be a good idea to retopologize it and make it game res and all, but I figured it would be better to just finish it as best I could, I feel it has run it’s course and I wouldn’t learn much more from it anyway. Better get this finished and out of the way so I can prioritize other stuff. I’m quite happy with it as it is, but I might change a few things here and there, so it’s not final.

E.D.A.H. Day 4

Wow, it’s day 4 already, I can’t believe I’ve made this far, gotta say I’m really proud of myself. For today’s entry I ditched the cartoony style of the last couple of entries and tried a more realistic and exageraed approach, wanted to give it sort of a comic book feel, but I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded.

For the last previous tries I used a ZSphere structure as a base mesh, and while it did the trick, the polygon density was all messed up. As it can be seen in the animated gifs there are far more polygons on the shoulders than on the face, where it matters the most. So I tried making my own basemesh, and while it’s not perfect it worked a lot better.

Edit: Had to put one more picture of it cause I think it looks badass and that grey material I chose doesn’t really do it justice. Screw you MatCap_Grey, I’m never using you again! 😦

Edit #2: That’s not the deafault MatCap_Gret material, but a M_Grey matcap I found somewhere around the internet. Maybe it’s a default material too, but I’m so used to using 3rd party materials I just don’t know anymore.