Low Poly Cartoon Punk Final

Finally got this textured and rigged. Once I get a funcional Unity3D model viewer thing going I might set up some simple animations to play.


Low Poly Cartoon Punk WIP 2

Almost done with the texture on this guy, it needs some work on the hands, a final design on the shirt as this one’s just an attempt at a symmetrical design (oh boy do I regret unwrapping half the shirt). I might redo the shoes unwrapping and texture it again, it’s got some ugly ass distortions in some places and I think I can make it a lot better overall. Eyes and eyebrows are on floating planes so I can easily manipulate some simple facial expressions.

Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 3

New updated on this guy’s texture. Worked on the face, hands, belts, hat, boots and made some changes on the pants. Not much to finish the diffuse now, and I’m eager to finish it so I can dedicate some time to the specular map, I really hope it’ll help things pop out a bit more. I was stupid and did lots of things wrong with this model, it’s one of those cases I wish I could just go back in time and do some things differently. I’d have taken better care of the UV unwrap, for one. Most islands could use some straightening and stretching to use more space and not distort straight lines. Still I’m pretty happy with the results. As usual, comments and crits are welcome, as harsh as they may be.

Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 2

Been forcing myself out of my comfort zone lately and thought it’d be good to make some progress on the texture for this guy, it’s been forever since I started it. Worked on the vest, coat, pants and hair, and there’s still a lot to do. Vest is pretty much done but the coat itself is lacking small details like stitches and whatnot. Shots taken with the diffuse and normal maps only.

Swedish Chef – Final entry

So here’s the final entry for the Jim Henson’s Unemployment Office low poly mini contest going on at Threedy Forums. I’ve BARELY made it, I finished the final images about 10 minutes prior to the deadline. I had the model ready by saturday morning, but I had to go out of town for the weekend and was unsure about the pose, so I waited a little longer, but the trip back took a little longer than I had planned, so I had to rush these up before the deadline. I’m totally satisfied with it though, it was definitely worth working on it from friday night through saturday morning nonstop.

The thread with all final entries can be found here.


Piggish Monster Thingy

Here it is, the one that started this whole thing. This is the first model I’ve made that I’m actually proud of showing off publically, up until now every thing I’ve ever started got forever stuck as a WIP or discarded altogether. Not that this piece is perfect or anything, it’s just that my work is finally meeting the quality standards I set for myself.

You know, every other of my attempts at ZBrush until now suffers from the chewed gum syndrome, so it’s good to see something that looks nice for a change. Perfectionism is a fuckin’ bitch. On a side not, this was an awesome opportunity to learn about baking normal/occlusion maps, mesh projection, texturing, and, of course, high detail sculpting itself. (click to enlarge)

Pig - 1

Pig - 2

Pig - 3

Pig - 4