Low Poly Cartoon Punk Final

Finally got this textured and rigged. Once I get a funcional Unity3D model viewer thing going I might set up some simple animations to play.


Low Poly Cartoon Punk WIP 2

Almost done with the texture on this guy, it needs some work on the hands, a final design on the shirt as this one’s just an attempt at a symmetrical design (oh boy do I regret unwrapping half the shirt). I might redo the shoes unwrapping and texture it again, it’s got some ugly ass distortions in some places and I think I can make it a lot better overall. Eyes and eyebrows are on floating planes so I can easily manipulate some simple facial expressions.

Cartoon Gunslinger

I’ve been working on this character for quite a while now but havent posted anything here until now. It got stuck at a stage I absolutely hate – retopology, UVing and baking – but that it’s necessary so fuck it, finally got it done. Tri count is a tad high but I wanted to give enough geometry to folds so they’d deform nicely when animating. I considered lowering the poly count a bit but it sounded like too much work for nothing at this point, and it’s not even terribly high considering games nowadays. Below are some value studies so I can decide on the contrast before thinking about color.

Swedish Chef – Final entry

So here’s the final entry for the Jim Henson’s Unemployment Office low poly mini contest going on at Threedy Forums. I’ve BARELY made it, I finished the final images about 10 minutes prior to the deadline. I had the model ready by saturday morning, but I had to go out of town for the weekend and was unsure about the pose, so I waited a little longer, but the trip back took a little longer than I had planned, so I had to rush these up before the deadline. I’m totally satisfied with it though, it was definitely worth working on it from friday night through saturday morning nonstop.

The thread with all final entries can be found here.


Swedish Chef WIP

This is a WIP version of the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show for the Jim Henson’s Unemployment Office low poly mini contest at Threedy Forums. The point is to depict characters created by Henson in alternative activities that had to do with their personalities so for the Swedish Chef I figured I’d do him at a street hot dog stand. I can definitely see him getting some money selling ’em hot borks! 😀 Deadline’s July 12th and I’ve got UVW mapping, detailing and texture painting to finish, so I’d better hurry!