Fedora sketch



Football player

Something I tried after being inspired by Themrock‘s deviantART gallery. I love how his style is so loose and free and how he just doesn’t care about proportions and how awesome it all looks in the end. This drawing is definitely more “behaved” as far as the style goes, but it’s one I had done before and was sitting in my HD as a rough sketch, so i finished it up to try to achieve a similar brush stroke to his. I’ll probably play around  with this style a bit more later on.


Female Gordon Freeman

Now that the Jim Henson contest is over it’s time for a new theme at 3D Total. The next low poly contest is a gender bender, where you take a character and make a version of him of the opposite sex! So many cool possibilities… I’m gonna try a take on Half Life’s Gordon Freeman. This is what I have in mind: