Lunch Sketch #01

40 minute sketch during lunch. Based on the awesome art of fightPUNCH.



Birdman WIP 2

Been working on this guy for the past couple of weeks and here’s the progress so far. Tweaked anatomy a bit, added the cape, redid the kilt, added accessories…Pretty much done with the high poly at the moment, should tweak some stuff here and there, maybe add a thing or two, but then it’s retopology time.

Birdman WIP

Started modeling this character based on awesome concept art by Eduardo Tanka (@bonzogalactico). I plan on finishing the high poly sculpture soon so I can retopologize, get some textures and animations and get this dude into Unity. Don’t know how I’ll handle the cape though. Thought about using Unity’s Interactive Cloth since I wouldn’t have to animate it by hand and would get a nice dynamic movement.

Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 3

New updated on this guy’s texture. Worked on the face, hands, belts, hat, boots and made some changes on the pants. Not much to finish the diffuse now, and I’m eager to finish it so I can dedicate some time to the specular map, I really hope it’ll help things pop out a bit more. I was stupid and did lots of things wrong with this model, it’s one of those cases I wish I could just go back in time and do some things differently. I’d have taken better care of the UV unwrap, for one. Most islands could use some straightening and stretching to use more space and not distort straight lines. Still I’m pretty happy with the results. As usual, comments and crits are welcome, as harsh as they may be.

Cartoon Gunslinger – Texture Progress 2

Been forcing myself out of my comfort zone lately and thought it’d be good to make some progress on the texture for this guy, it’s been forever since I started it. Worked on the vest, coat, pants and hair, and there’s still a lot to do. Vest is pretty much done but the coat itself is lacking small details like stitches and whatnot. Shots taken with the diffuse and normal maps only.

Old muscular dude

Another quick study, trying to get a little more detail with wrinkles and stuff. Somewhat inspired (not to mention intimidated) by Tom Parker’s speed sculpt videos. It started really cartoony as it was based on a doodle I did at work but I couldn’t get the proportions right, the style didn’t translate from 2D to 3D as well as I thought it would. I made it a bit more realistic and it was stuck halfway through.

Old Bearded Fella

I used some idle time at work to start this and finished at home. It was basically a test to see what I could come up with a basemesh that’s basic enough that I can still practice the main proportions but wouldn’t stretch out on key areas like a sphere does. I started this with what was basically a cube with a few subdivisions and some extrusions for the nose and ears, and an inside extrusion for the mouth. Obviously it worked MUCH better than a sphere. Next time I’ll extrude a neck as well, I’m tired of these floating heads. I should also try something other than old grumpy cartoony males for a change…