Trashed – Abominable Snowman

Ran into this while cleaning up my ZTools folder. I started doing this for a contest at 3D Total but I quickly lost steam and decided to can the whole thing. I kinda like his face so I thought I’d post it here before I obliterated the files into oblivion.


Swedish Chef – Final entry

So here’s the final entry for the Jim Henson’s Unemployment Office low poly mini contest going on at Threedy Forums. I’ve BARELY made it, I finished the final images about 10 minutes prior to the deadline. I had the model ready by saturday morning, but I had to go out of town for the weekend and was unsure about the pose, so I waited a little longer, but the trip back took a little longer than I had planned, so I had to rush these up before the deadline. I’m totally satisfied with it though, it was definitely worth working on it from friday night through saturday morning nonstop.

The thread with all final entries can be found here.


Swedish Chef WIP

This is a WIP version of the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show for the Jim Henson’s Unemployment Office low poly mini contest at Threedy Forums. The point is to depict characters created by Henson in alternative activities that had to do with their personalities so for the Swedish Chef I figured I’d do him at a street hot dog stand. I can definitely see him getting some money selling ’em hot borks! 😀 Deadline’s July 12th and I’ve got UVW mapping, detailing and texture painting to finish, so I’d better hurry!