This is yet to be filled! It’s not like you could be much interested in me by the little I have to show here anyway. Should you care to drop me an email I’ll totally read it AND reply, though, so it’s not all bad. 😀

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey just came across your site and the work here’s soo good.
    I’m just starting out and i was wondering what process your using?

    I’m planning on modelling in 3ds max and importing into Unity and was wondering if you think Unity will be able to handle a hi-res model (polycount limit), if its worth taking into Zbrush?
    and what type of rigging would you use for your model? would you use sliders and have controllers or just animate the bones?

    Keep up the great work

    1. Just sent you an email but thought I’d post here as well. 😀

      Hey man, first of all thanks a lot for the compliments! Now, as far as process goes, it all depends on what you’re trying to do, really. There’s not much point in getting a high resolution model into Unity, it’s a game engine and, well, it’s used for games which need optimized assets that need to be rendered at a stable framerate in real time. If you’re interested in game art you should definitely look into retopology (creating low poly topology on top of a high poly model), UVW unwrapping, normal map baking, etc. My workflow usually consists in modeling a high poly model, usually in ZBrush but it’s not uncommon for me to model parts in 3dsmax and then get them into ZBrush for detailing, specially clothing and other mechanical bits; then doing the retopology (I use Topogun for this but you could use any program, even ZBrush itself has retopology tools); unwrap the UVs for the low poly model, bake the normal and other maps; texture the model using the baked maps as a guide, then rig it and animate it. Now, as far as rigging go, I’ll be honest, I have no idea how I’ll make this! I don’t have much experience in this but I think I’ll use a CAT rig in 3dsmax. I need to pay special attention to the face rigging to ensure I can do different expressions but I’ll watch some DVDs on facial rigging to get it right. But yeah, again, ZBrush is used mainly for detailing/sculpting, it’s not completely necessary, but if you plan on using Unity, low poly models is the way to go.

  2. hi

    cheers for that, i’ll give Topogun a look and CAT rigging seems quite impressive. I’d never thought of using it. not quite getting the hang of Zbrush yet so i’ve just started modelling a “low” poly in 3DS max (2500 polys) the CAT rig looks pretty good with it but i forgot to uvw unwrap it so i’ll have do all that again. do you think its worth exporting it for Zbrush if its only 2500 polys?

    hows your work going?


    1. “do you think its worth exporting it for Zbrush if its only 2500 polys?”

      It all depends what you’re going for, really. Getting it into ZBrush will allow you to sculpt and get some fine level of detail going which you can then use to bake a normal map, some ambient occlusion for your diffuse texture and etc. But is it really what you need or want for this piece? Depends on what style you’re aiming for, what platform it should run on, etc. You can get it looking good with only a handpainted diffuse texture if you want to.

  3. thanks.
    i think i’m going to try hand painting it a bit and see how far i can get. looking at a Gorilla bob style so i think Zbrush might just be more effort than it’s worth.

    Hows your project going anyway?


    1. Oh, definitely don’t bother with ZBrush then, it’s more applicable to next-gen stuff where you need a high poly sculpt to bake normal maps and such. For mobile hand painted stuff you’d usually model the low poly straight away and hand paint it.

      And the project, I’m gonna present it tomorrow to my teachers at college, so I’ve been busy preparing slides and getting it done for the presentation. I wanna tweak some stuff up after that before I post any updates, but the low poly is done, it’s fully textured and I’ve mocked up some animations. 😀

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