Piggish Monster Thingy

Here it is, the one that started this whole thing. This is the first model I’ve made that I’m actually proud of showing off publically, up until now every thing I’ve ever started got forever stuck as a WIP or discarded altogether. Not that this piece is perfect or anything, it’s just that my work is finally meeting the quality standards I set for myself.

You know, every other of my attempts at ZBrush until now suffers from the chewed gum syndrome, so it’s good to see something that looks nice for a change. Perfectionism is a fuckin’ bitch. On a side not, this was an awesome opportunity to learn about baking normal/occlusion maps, mesh projection, texturing, and, of course, high detail sculpting itself. (click to enlarge)

Pig - 1

Pig - 2

Pig - 3

Pig - 4

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